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Rest in peace, Roger Ebert

Rest in peace, Roger Ebert

It was never about whether you agreed with his opinion, or even what movie he was writing about – even when you completely disregarded those factors, it was always about Roger Ebert’s ability to craft an interesting, critical opinion to his audience. That was what made him such an inspiration to so many writers. Roger … Continue reading



  • 3) It's incredibly easy for @runjewels to get a whole room to chant FUCK TRUMP, even in Canada. 10 out of 10, would do it again. 4 days ago
  • 2) A full crowd of 1500 people shouting dick in her mouth all day with @runjewels is going to be fucking hype... 4 days ago
  • Facts from tonight's @runjewels show: 1) Every time @KillerMike calls someone a fuck boi, an angel gets its wings... 4 days ago